A series of immersive installations in abandoned resonating chambers

In a distant solar system, a planet has flung itself out of orbit and decided to pursue its own path. The remaining planets are trying to recapture it, creating an auditory lasso to call it back into line. In an "exquisite corpse" formation, where each planet's voice connects to that of the next, their invocations form a spoken chain, a spell to catch their errant sibling. But we like this vagabond planet, and as we discover tunnels where it might get trapped by the lasso, we help guide it safely on its way.

Seafoam Palace presents Falling Sideways, a series of site-specific experiences designed to intersect with the planet's path – a walk through a resonating chamber that transports us to the spheres of interplanetary intrigue and cosmic expanse, a parallax pursuit and reverie on motion, a poetic dedication to forever falling sideways.

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Bryan Parcival - Projections | Christopher Beauchamp - Rigging | Christos Pathiakis - Orchestrator/Audio Design | Drew Feuer - Cottis Groundskeeper | Eleanor Lovinsky - Shuttle Engineer | Eric Singer - Tech | Gayle Snible - Shuttle Engineer | John Law - Rigging | Joshu DeLeon - Parallax Conjectures | Julia Solis - Concept/Direction | Kim Couchot - Lighting Design | Mike Whalen - Logistics | Susan Dundon - Shuttle Engineer | Tom Kirsch - Tech Production | Tracy Gilman - Sculpture

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