AEG Tunnel

AEG Tunnel

Berlin | August 2022

Sea goats, fireballs and incantations? Our event in Berlin revealed a pivotal new episode in the story of Falling Sideways: the ruin of a tunnel built in the shape of the Capricorn constellation — and its fabled history experienced live during the performance.

While each of our installations is a very site-specific chapter in the story of our rogue planet and the astronomer who discovered it, our special event in Berlin allowed us to magnify the audio composition, artwork and narrative into a rich and multifaceted adventure.

In a special collaboration with Berliner Unterwelten e.V., this “underworlds” association granted us access to the historic AEG Tunnel as part of the annual citywide Long Night of Museums celebration. We stepped up to the challenge presented by this magnificent site by illustrating the Capricorn legend and its relation to our planet in a slideshow before visitors entered the performance, greeted by archaeological finds, a giant string contraption channeling the planets' voices, and a Chladni plate operated live with meteorite fragments from the constellation.

The event took place on August 27, 2022 for small groups of 25 people. We'd like to extend a whole galaxy of thanks to the stellar Berlin Underworlds team for the hosting, logistics and hands-on help. The performance was so successful that we have been invited back: Please join us for the next round on August 26, 2023! We'll post more details here as they become available.

In the meantime, here are a TV report on our event from Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg and an interview by Claudia Melisch with Julia Solis and Christos Pathiakis in an episode of the Radio Unterwelten podcast (both in German).

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg TV Report

Radio Unterwelten Podcast by Claudia Melisch with Julia Solis and Christos Pathiakis

Exquisite corpse segments, in order of appearance:

Richmond Arquette* | Aziza Knight | Mii Gunn | Christopher Beauchamp | Shel Kimen | Joe Ford | Lily Cruz* | Phat Man Dee | Christos Pathiakis | Arno Würfel | Leah Marino & Julia Solis (with John Law)*

*Segments written by Julia Solis, otherwise by performers

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