The Amusement Park Tunnel

The Amusement Park Tunnel

California | April 2021

Following our experiment in Ohio, we staged a second test run in a derelict mining tunnel running beneath a mountain. Bisected by a single narrow-gauge track, this passage was artificially finished with a shotcrete lining that reminded us of an old Disneyland ride.

Since this structure was relatively narrow with a slighter chance of the planet losing its way, we followed our site analyses by equipping a single guide with a planet effigy, which he carefully transported through to the end.

In this space, the voices intermingled with dangerous frictions, with spells bouncing sonorously off the wavy concrete lining. When we had finally seen the planet safely on its way, we were able to admit to ourselves that this one was a close call.

Exquisite corpse segments, in order of appearance:

John Law | Mii Gunn | Christopher Beauchamp | Shel Kimen | Joe Ford | Mars Snible | Phat Man Dee | Joshu DeLeon

All segments written by performers

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