Dark Matter Textile

Dark Matter Textile

Texas | January 2022

Our event in Texas was exceptional – instead of encountering and guiding the planet inside a cylindrical resonating chamber, we met in an abandoned textile mill where our astronomer had once set up an office. This was unique and exciting for us, not least because he had left behind many artifacts. Not only were there many charts, diagrams and drawings in his former office, we also found a hidden chamber where he experimented with some of his more outlandish theories.

Most interestingly, we discovered specific instructions for translating the planets’ looped radiowave interferences into audible sound, along with a magnificent apparatus for projecting electromagnetic rhythms into visible constellations that resembled the conjectured birth of galaxies and foxtrots of prehistoric organisms. We will premiere this complex device in Berlin in August 2022.

We limited our four consecutive shows to about a dozen visitors each for full focus and immersion. Many thanks to our master of the mill, Bill Daniel, who also boldly electrified our work.

Exquisite corpse segments, in order of appearance:

Richmond Arquette* | Aziza Knight | Mii Gunn | Christopher Beauchamp | Shel Kimen | Joe Ford | Lily Cruz* | Christos Pathiakis | Leah Marino & Julia Solis (with John Law)*

*Segments written by Julia Solis, otherwise by performers

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