Tunnel of the Lonely Mushroom

Tunnel of the Lonely Mushroom

Rhode Island | September 2021

This particular resonating chamber was a long and fairly straight abandoned rail tunnel with one remaining track, distinguished by a number of stalacmites and a single desolate fungus.

The constantly dripping ceiling threatened to veil some of the auditory details, which meant that we needed reinforcements to make sure the planet would not get distracted and entangled. We invited about a dozen people to help us, furnishing each with a glowing orb which the planet could use as substitute suns for its orientation.

For the first time, we were able to set up a lensball that allowed us to telepathically view the universe from the planet's perspective during its traverse. After safely leading the planet through the rain-drenched passage, we briefly caught glimpses of spiraling galaxies, interstellar gas clouds and odds and ends of astral debris.

Thank you, little planet, for this marvelous vision of otherworldly realms!

Exquisite corpse segments, in order of appearance:

Richmond Arquette* | Aziza Knight | Mii Gunn | Christopher Beauchamp | Shel Kimen | Joe Ford | Mars Snible | Phat Man Dee | Christos Pathiakis | Julia Solis (with John Law)*

*Segments written by Julia Solis, otherwise by performers

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